We ladies can have busy lives and lots of responsibilities. Whether it's being a full-time mother or a busy city professional; it's very easy to forget to care for ourselves. 

To be able to face the challenges of our daily lives we need to find the time to relax and let go. So Haven exists for you. It's about creating a space in which you are being cared for through a genuinely thoughtful massage. 

You won't find any short-cuts here. We take the time and care to provide you with an exceptional massage in the comfort of your own home. 

We hope that by allowing us to create a mini haven and look after you, you can bring your best possible relaxed and positive self to your daily life!  

Please feel free to book a massage on our instant booking system so you can enjoy your own personal haven.


A lot of effort goes in to designing The Haven Experience. From the organic handmade massage oils, the specially curated music, the scented eye mask - every detail has been thought about so the experience can be as luxurious as possible.


Politeness, professionalism and warm smile are guaranteed. 


We take great care to ensure exceptional hygiene standards. 


Your therapist will come to you at a convenient time and leave you to relax in your home when she's done.


Something very few massage places think about is the intention. We believe that a healing intention is just as important as the massage itself.  


This is not just any massage. The idea is to invest time and care in to ensuring that you come away feeling amazing.