We live in a high-stress, fast-paced over-worked world and more than not our bodies suffer the consequences… Companies are now looking for new ways to help their staff members to maintain a healthier lifestyle through massages which in long term can reduce health care costs.

Having regular on-site massages can help improve office morale, staff member retention and productivity.

Haven London offers on-site massage programs to companies of all sizes with programs and packages to help lower stress and promote health in the workplace or out in the world. So whether looking for regularly scheduled on-site chair massage services to add to the company’s benefits package, or the perfect reward or incentive, we can build the right program that’s affordable and worthwhile.

Haven’s team goal is to promote a culture of health & well-being!

Increase focus, energy & mental clarity!

Depending on location and schedules, our licensed massage therapists will provide chair massages, thai yoga mats or table massages. All that is needed is a quiet corner to set up and work our magic.

There are three payment options:

  • Company pays full cost

  • Company shares cost with Staff Members

  • Staff Members pay full cost

Haven offers the following bespoke massage services:

  • Staff member appreciation day

  • Corporate events

  • Corporate gifts

  • Health fairs

  • Private events

  • Trade shows

  • Conventions conferences

  • Backstage massage events

  • Golf tournaments

  • Nurses week

  • Teacher appreciation day

We charge :

£195/3hours of - 10 min sessions X 17 people

- 15 min sessions X 11 people

£315/5hours of - 10 min sessions X 27 people

- 15 min sessions X 19 people

- 20 min sessions X 14 people

£420/8hours for - 10 min sessions X 42 people

- 15 min sessions X 29 people

- 20 min sessions X 22 people

Please feel free to book a massage on our instant booking system so you can enjoy your own personal haven session.

Alternatively, if you would like to make a booking over the phone please contact:

Nicole on +44 (0)7462 393349